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Brake Repair



Automotive Brakes should be examined a minimum of once a year for the safety of your vehicle. Maintaining your vehicles’ brakes is one of the most crucial precaution you could take. You can have the self-confidence of knowing that when you press your foot to the brake, your car is going to stop.

Brakes are the most essential safety attributes on your vehicle that is utilized every day.  There are 2 kinds of braking systems on the a majority of cars; Traditional brakes and ABS.  A normal braking system is comprised of the rotor, the caliper, and brake pads or shoes.  If your brake pads wear and are not replaced, you may need replacements of the rotors as well.

Why brake repair is important?  In order to successfully stop your car, brakes ought to be in operating order and no damage to the rotors.  Since this is a system that you make use of each day, make certain not to ignore any issues, also small changes may represent that your brakes are in need of repair.  For greatest performance and protection, have them checked on a regular basis.

Have your mechanic check your brakes immediately if you observe any of the following:

  •  A piercing squeak when you press the brakes
  •  A scraping or grinding sound when not stopping. ( This also could be an indication of a brake or bearing issue and must be inspected right away)
  •  Shaking or vibration during braking
  •  Requiring additional pressure to brake than normal
  • If you need to add brake fluid more that once every couple of months, you could have a puncture

Follow these pointers to help keep your brakes functioning effectively:

  •  Have your brakes checked at least once a year, and more often if you drive regularly in city traffic or live in an area with a lot of hills
  •  Never drive with the parking brake in the on position
  •  Have your brake fluid checked and changed as needed