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Body Shop

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Protech Auto Group offers world class auto body services at reasonable prices. Feel free to contact us and our friendly and competent staff will be happy to assist you to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.




Full Service Collision & Auto Body Shop

  •  Professional Vehicle Painting
  •  Restoration Services
  •  Major Fleet Service
  •  Collision Repair Center
  •  Paintless Dent Repair
  •  Repair for Major Insurances
  •  Complete Vehicle Detailing


Our 5-step Process to Repair your Vehicle After an Accident

  1. DAMAGE ANALYSIS:  A thorough analysis is conducted on your vehicle before any work is started.  The analysis involves taking a careful look at the overall vehicle and searching for secondary damage.  Secondary damage includes issues caused by the inertia of the impact, such as a door alignment, door glass knocked out of its tracks, and buckles on the roof.  After assessing the secondary damage, we examine the damage at the area of impact.


  1. METICULOUS DISASSEMBLE:   After analyzing the damage to your vehicle, we begin the process of methodically disassembling the vehicle in the damaged area, noting all the damage and determining to either repair or replace the parts.


  1. PARTS VERIFICATION AND ORDERING:  Accurate ordering is crucial for an uninterrupted repair.  We strive to avoid multiple orders through careful verification that helps ensure that we receive accurate parts the first time.  We are careful to verify the correct part by obtaining information off the car, such as the VIN, Prod date, color code, trim code, and part # of the damaged part.  We also email pictures to the manufacturer for visual verification.


  1. FRAME REPAIR: After ordering replacement parts for your vehicle, we determine the damages sustained to your vehicle’s frame.  After putting your vehicle on the frame machine, and determine what corrections are needed.  After careful planning, the corrections are made to the frame of your vehicle, so the body is back in line with factory specifications.  This step will ensure that your vehicle will accept the new parts being installed.


  1. REASSEMBLY:   In preparation for reassembly, each part is painted separately, just like they do at the factory.  After all the new parts are painted, your car goes back to the body technician for reassembly.  Instead of assembling your car and then painting the outside, we paint the parts separately to ensure the optimal finished look.